How to turn your harvest into wealth: Verse of the Day


‭Genesis 41:47-49, 53-54, 57 NLT‬
[47] As predicted, for seven years the land produced bumper crops. [48] During those years, Joseph gathered all the crops grown in Egypt and stored the grain from the surrounding fields in the cities. [49] He piled up huge amounts of grain like sand on the seashore. Finally, he stopped keeping records because there was too much to measure.
[53] At last the seven years of bumper crops throughout the land of Egypt came to an end. [54] Then the seven years of famine began, just as Joseph had predicted. The famine also struck all the surrounding countries, but throughout Egypt there was plenty of food.
[57] And people from all around came to Egypt to buy grain from Joseph because the famine was severe throughout the world.

Joseph was very smart in gathering at least one-fifth of all the grains harvested during the years of abundance into store houses. He bought them from the people and stored them during the years of plenty and sold them to the people during the famine for great profit.

To turn our harvest into riches and wealth, we must firstly consider our current incomes as our harvest. Secondly, we must ensure that we store at least one-fifth of what we earn. That is our income must exceed our expenditure. Thirdly, we must store this excess in appreciable forms. If we keep our one-fifth in a fee charging account, we would have lost our profit by the time the next harvest comes!

Friends, we must be very wise and discerning when it comes to handling money. When we are faithful in storing and turning our savings into profit, we will begin to prosper and continue to prosper over time. We must never be hasty to turn our savings into profit. We must wait till the appropriate time when we can maximize our profits. Those who are hasty to get rich never make it.

‭Proverbs 13:11 NLT‬
[11] Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time.

Those who would experience God’s blessings that begin to and continue to prosper them until they are wealthy are patient and they work with the seasons. This is something that all of us can do, no matter how much we earn and where we are. Some of us may become wealthy earlier because of how much we earn and our ability to handle money, but it is possible for all of us to have more than enough to live on in difficult times.

No matter where you are now, don’t rule yourself out. God’s blessings are for all and they certainly happen for all who would put their trust in Him. Turn to Him right now and follow His directions into victorious living.


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